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What To Do When The Audit Ends Image
What To Do When The Audit Ends

Just because your nonprofit’s financial audit has ended doesn’t mean your work is done. Learn what's next...

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Private Foundations Need Strong Conflict-of-Interest Policies Image
Private Foundations Need Strong Conflict-of-Interest Policies

Even if your private foundation has good intentions, it may not be enough. You need a conflict-of-interest policy to ...

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Financial Dashboards Can Steer Your Nonprofit Towards Financial Success Image
Financial Dashboards Can Steer Your Nonprofit Towards Financial Success

Financial dashboards help nonprofit leaders make decisions by providing clear visualizations of key metrics. Here is ...

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Should Your Nonprofit Accept That New Grant? Image
Should Your Nonprofit Accept That New Grant?

Government or foundation grants can help your nonprofit, but they could hamstring your organization. Learn more....

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How to Codify Your Nonprofit's Ethics Image
How to Codify Your Nonprofit's Ethics

Nonprofits that enforce a "code of ethical conduct" are associated with 50% lower fraud losses. Get started here...

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Financial Reporting for Nonprofits That Have Teamed Up Image
Financial Reporting for Nonprofits That Have Teamed Up

Nonprofits: here’s what you need to know if you’ve recently joined forces with another entity.

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Main Street Lending Program Now Open to Nonprofit Applicants Image
Main Street Lending Program Now Open to Nonprofit Applicants

The Fed’s Main Street Lending Program just opened to nonprofits. Find out whether this program can help you.

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External Audits Offer Many Benefits to Nonprofits Image
External Audits Offer Many Benefits to Nonprofits

Even if your nonprofit isn’t required to have an external audit, there are many good reasons to obtain this add...

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Reporting Embedded Leases Image
Reporting Embedded Leases

Beware: Your supply and service contracts may contain hidden surprises known as “embedded” leases.

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Rebuilding Your Nonprofit's Board

COVID-19 and widespread unemployment have increased difficulties for nonprofits. Is your board up to the challenge?

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Does the Wayfair Decision Affect You?

The criteria and precedent used to determine sales tax liability has changed. Will this change affect your business' ...

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A brief summary of each state's economic nexus thresholds

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Tax Law Changes for Nonprofits

Which parts of the recent tax reform have the greatest impact on not-for-profit organizations?

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Prepare For New Lease Accounting

New accounting rules for reporting leases finally goes into effect in 2019 for public companies and 2020 for nonpubli...

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Does Your Nonprofit Properly Report Donations?

Your not-for-profit probably already ensures that donors receive a receipt with information about claiming a charitab...

Financial Sustainability and Your Nonprofit

If your not-for-profit relies heavily on a few funding sources — for example, an annual government or foundatio...

Collaborating for a Cause: Nonprofit Alliances

Countless nonprofits have partnered up for strength and survival in recent years, but the success of these arrangemen...

Uniform Guidance Procurement - What is the Effect of the New Requirements?

Under the new requirements of the Uniform Guidance (UG), procurement standards were modified to implement stricter re...

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What's in a Minute? Keys to Properly Recording Board Minutes

Some people might argue that the keeping of board minutes is the most important job on any board of directors. It&rsq...

Cost Effective Ways to Recognize Employees and Volunteers

During tough budgetary times, you may have to cut expenses across the board, including costly perks, bonuses and rewa...

UBIT: How it Applies to Debt-Financed Property

If a tax-exempt organization engages in a business that is unrelated to its primary purpose, the general rule is that...

Goal of Board: Fiscal Responsibility

Although each board's involvement in its not-for-profit agency's operations varies from situation to situation, all b...

Do You Need a Business Plan for Your Nonprofit?

A business plan is like a road map. It can help you get where you’re going. It also can tell you that it may no...

WEC Joins Audit Quality Center for Governmental Audits

Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C. has joined the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA)...

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Solid Financial Structure Crucial to Sound Management

A nonprofit's financial management system involves much more than tracking money in and out. Your ability to deliver ...

Ask Clients if Your Nonprofit Is Meeting Its Mission

Your mission is the reason your organization exists. Staff, resources and community support are dedicated to addressi...

Budget Preparation a Time For Problem Solving

Many nonprofit managers regard budgeting as a necessary evil that must be done to satisfy the board of directors and ...

Does Your Organization Have Unrelated Business Income?

Even though an organization is recognized as tax-exempt, it still may be liable for tax on its unrelated business tax...

Publication Advertising: What is Taxable?

Many tax-exempt organizations publish magazines or other periodicals that contain editorial material related to the o...

Royalties and Sponsorship Payments: Are They Tax Exempt?

Many tax-exempt organizations allow for-profit entities to use the organization's name or logo to market goods and se...

Microvolunteering: Are Short-Time Assignments More Productive?

Keeping volunteers happy, committed and enthusiastic is a challenging task for most nonprofits.

All too often...

State credit programs advantageous for nonprofits and low-income individuals

Board Members of nonprofit organizations - or those responsible for the financial well-being of one - should become f...

Mission Creep: How to Avoid It and Keep New Projects On Target

The first step in organizing a nonprofit is identifying the mission. Keeping an organization true to that mission is ...

Six Tips to Nip Pilfering in the Bud

If your nonprofit operates a second-hand store, gift shop or other retail venture, you should be on the lookout for t...

Educated Staff Key to Service, Fundraising

Nonprofits have faced a challenging situation during the Great Recession. Contributions have declined for the majorit...

When You're Asking For Money... Strategies for Making an Effective presentation

If you're in a management role with a nonprofit, chances are you sometimes have to give presentations to groups of in...

Non-Profit to For-Profit: Some Organizations Are Making the Switch

As a nonprofit organization, you hold coveted IRS tax-exempt status, can accept grants and donations, and enjoy the p...

How to Build a Strong Board of Directors

If you want the best, most effective, board of directors possible, start with one vital requirement: a commitment to ...

Benchmarking Your Organization to Improve Performance

During tough economic times, your nonprofit organization should always be looking for ways to improve and differentia...

How to Create A Strong Case Statement

A strong case statement is critical for any major fundraising campaign, whether you plan to approach foundations, ind...

Demographics Research on Your Client Base: Where to Begin

Having current demographics on your client base is an important part of making your case for services and funding. Ma...