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Haven’t filed your 2019 business tax return yet? There may be ways to chip away at your bill. Image
Haven’t filed your 2019 business tax return yet? There may be ways to chip away at your bill.

The extended federal income tax deadline is coming up fast. As you know, the IRS postponed until July 15 the payment ...

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Where Transferable Value Comes From

One of the most important elements of a successful business transition is transferable value. No matter what an owner...

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Realistic Timelines

Global economic disruption uniquely affects each business.

CARES Act: Funding and Employment Retention Provisions

CARES Act - Funding and Employment Retention Provisions

CARES Act: Tax Provisions for Businesses

CARES Act - Tax Provisions for Businesses

United States District Court Strikes Blow Against the Undead!

OK – the subject line of this article is a naked attempt to attract your attention but if you read on you ...

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Does the Wayfair Decision Affect You?

The criteria and precedent used to determine sales tax liability has changed. Will this change affect your business' ...

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A brief summary of each state's economic nexus thresholds

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The Qualified Business Income Deduction in a Nutshell

The new Qualified Business Income Deduction is one of the more complex proposed changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,...

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How a REIT Can Benefit From a Cost Segregation Study

Many REITs are eligible to implement a tax strategy known as cost segregation. Unfortunately, misinformation has left...

Are Your Business Expenses Deductible Under New Tax Law? Image
Are Your Business Expenses Deductible Under New Tax Law?

The deductibility of certain expenses is obvious, while in other cases it’s unclear. And the TCJA affects many ...

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Tax Law Changes for Nonprofits

Which parts of the recent tax reform have the greatest impact on not-for-profit organizations?

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Does Your Nonprofit Properly Report Donations?

Your not-for-profit probably already ensures that donors receive a receipt with information about claiming a charitab...

"Can’t You See This is The Land of Confusion": Uncertainty and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

While it remains the case that the lower corporate tax rates for C corporations increase cash flows and therefore pot...

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THE TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT: 30 Ways The Act May Affect You And Your Business

A summary of the most widely applicable points of the tax reform passed in December 2017.

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THE TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT: Changes to Business Taxation

Part 3 of 3: A summary of the most widely applicable points of the tax reform passed in December 2017.

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Did Singing Auld Lang Syne Increase Company Valuations?

The Impact of New Tax Law on Valuations

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Steven Sandoval Promoted to Individual Tax & Small Business Consultant

WEC is pleased to announce the promotion of Steven E. Sandoval from Supervisor to Individual Tax and Small Business C...

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UBIT: How it Applies to Debt-Financed Property

If a tax-exempt organization engages in a business that is unrelated to its primary purpose, the general rule is that...

Four Reasons Why Already-Dismal IRS Service is about to Get Much Worse

Few, if any, of us enjoy dealing with the IRS. Often polled as America’s most hated federal agency, the agency&...

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Publication Advertising: What is Taxable?

Many tax-exempt organizations publish magazines or other periodicals that contain editorial material related to the o...

Royalties and Sponsorship Payments: Are They Tax Exempt?

Many tax-exempt organizations allow for-profit entities to use the organization's name or logo to market goods and se...

How Will the New Repairs Regulations Affect Your Company?

The characterization of expenditures relating to fixed assets (tangible property) has been a challenge since the ince...

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American Taxpayer Relief Act

After weeks, indeed months of proposals and counter-proposals, seemingly endless negotiations and down-to-the-wire dr...

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Research And Development Tax Credit

Every taxpayer wants to reduce his/her tax liability, and if you are involved in qualified research activities, the R...

2012-2013 Tax Planning

Dramatic tax increases scheduled to go into effect in 2013 make 2012 tax planning imperative. The following taxes may...

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Returning Heroes & Wounded Warriors Tax Credit

The Returning Heroes and Wounded Warriors Work Opportunity Tax Credit is an extension of the Work Credit available fo...

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3 Ways a Cost Segregation Study Can Help You

A cost segregation study can help you maximize tax savings and increase cash fl ows on
your future, current...

‘Look-Through’ Lowdown

We all know how important it is to understand how tax laws affect the day to day operations of a construction busines...

Contractors Must Know All Accounting Options

Construction companies face an imposingly complex choice when it comes to their accounting methods. Because no two pr...