Four Simple Solutions for Reducing Waste

Joanna G. Brumsey CPA

Those of us who operate in the manufacturing and distribution world are familiar with the “Seven Deadly Wastes” identified by Toyota’s chief engineer, Taiichi Ohno, as part of the Toyota Production System.

These wastes are:

1. Transportation

2. Inventory

3. Motion

4. Waiting

5. Over-process

6. Over-production

7. Defects

Manufacturers may employ lean tools, such as Kaizen Continuous Improvement, 5S, Value Stream Mapping or Six Sigma to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce necessary waste required for their operations.

However, implementing these tools requires resources and dedication over an extended period of time. While beginning use of one of these tools may ultimately be the best answer for your company, simple solutions may be implemented immediately to jumpstart your waste reduction.

  Four Simple Solutions for Reducing Waste