Agreed Upon Procedures

An agreed‐upon procedures engagement is one in which you, the client, engages us as a CPA firm to perform specific procedures and report findings. We do not perform an audit or provide an opinion relating to the subject matter, or make any assertions about the subject matter. We only perform those procedures that have been agreed upon and report findings. For example, we might perform agreed‐upon procedures just on your accounts receivables or just on your inventory balances.

We perform agreed‐upon procedures engagements in accordance with the standards issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Although they are smaller in scope, we perform them with the same integrity, competence and objectivity you expect from Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer.

Examples of "agreed-upon procedures" engagements might include:

Due diligence in buying a business

We offer acquisition‐related financial due diligence services for clients acquiring businesses. Agreed‐upon procedures could include deal analysis, profitability projections, confirmation of financial information and potential renegotiation.

Specific issues relating to Seller's due diligence

We can perform seller's due diligence, including analysis of tax, financial and regulatory matters, review of compensation‐related agreements, and analysis of information quality. One common agreed‐upon procedure is to make sure the company's books and records are in excellent shape.

Bank collateral reviews

We help financial institutions manage and report on their collateral. We can analyze and organize financial documents and related material, analyze operations and financials, monitor collateral and financial performance, inspect fixed asset additions or disposals, and recommend adequacy of reserves or changes in advance rates.

Cost Certifications

We can help you prepare cost certifications as required by various state housing finance agencies for utilization of Low Income Housing Tax Credits.

Compliance with royalty agreements

An effective royalty agreement compliance procedure can determine if licensees or franchisees are reporting sales and the related royalties according to the terms of your agreements.

Forecasts and projections

Financial forecasts or financial projections for your organization can be performed as an agreed‐upon procedure. Since forecasts and projections are based on future activity rather than historical activity, they have certain limitations as compared to other advisory services offered by Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer.