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Uniform Guidance Procurement - What is the Effect of the New Requirements?

John M. Waters CPA

Under the new requirements of the Uniform Guidance (UG), procurement standards were modified to implement stricter requirements to ensure full and open competition. Below is an overview of the new procurement standards and additional information to …
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Four Reasons Why Already-Dismal IRS Service is about to Get Much Worse

Few, if any, of us enjoy dealing with the IRS. Often polled as America’s most hated federal agency, the agency’s efforts to fulfill its mandate to administer and enforce U.S. tax laws will likely always make it
unpopular with most taxpayers. But…
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Charitable Donation of a Vehicle

As the end of the year approaches, many individuals contemplate donating a vehicle to charity before December 31st, but are usually unaware of the variety of pitfalls common to first-time vehicle donors. The following article briefly presents and a…
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Four Simple Solutions for Reducing Waste

Joanna G. Brumsey CPA

Those of us who operate in the manufacturing and distribution world are familiar with the “Seven Deadly Wastes” identified by Toyota’s chief engineer, Taiichi Ohno, as part of the Toyota Production System.

These wastes are:
1. Transportation
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Form 990: What the watchdogs are watching

Several years have passed since the IRS revamped Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, to its current, voluminous core form, which often needs numerous additional schedules.

Nonprofit entities and tax preparers seem to be getti…
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State credit programs advantageous for nonprofits and low-income individuals

Board Members of nonprofit organizations - or those responsible for the financial well-being of one - should become familiar with the Neighborhood Assistance Program and other programs offered for contributors.

The purpose of a Neighborhood Assis…
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Understanding Small Business Certification

Eileen C. Gwaltney CPA

As companies vie for their share of federal funds in a competitive market, many are weighing the benefits of a small business certification. CPAs often field questions from clients about how to capitalize on federal contracting opportunities.

In …
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When to file an estate return under new law

Nancy J. Hall CPA

The American Taxpayer Relief Act that became law on Jan. 2, 2013, changed the landscape of when an estate tax return – and IRS Form 706 – needs to be filed. The $5 million estate tax exemption was preserved and additional provisions were added to ad…
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FASB and IASB Proposes Changes to Lease Accounting

Richard E. Groover CPA

Executive Summary:
The Boards issued an update exposure draft (ED) May 16, 2013 regarding changes to lease accounting with comments due September 13, 2013.
Lessees will be required to present most leases on the balance sheet
Leases would be place…
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Cash on the Warehouse Floor: Is Your Warehouse Full of Productive Income Generating Assets... or Wasted Cash?

Richard E. Groover CPA

Inventory turnover is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on the radar of almost every manufacturer. Many small and mid-size companies use a turnover calculation based on the total average inventory on the
balance sheet and the total average cost of …
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