Team Testimonials

What WEC is Looking For

"WEC is a top-tier firm in the CPAmerica affiliation. We are looking for outstanding individuals who want an opportunity to contribute to, and be a part of, a world-class organization. Our access to resources and our commitment to technology and personnel are second to none. This is evidenced by both our firm's stellar growth and the advancement opportunities within WEC for our people." 

Paul DiNardo, CPA
Graduate of College of William & Mary 

"We are always looking for individuals with a strong audit, tax and/or accounting background, an energetic personality and a creative approach to finding solutions for our firm and our clients. We welcome new ideas and promote each person's individual strengths through teamwork in a family friendly environment." 

Joanna Brumsey, CPA
Graduate of Wake Forest University 

"A distinguishing characteristic of our firm is a commitment to professional growth in order to provide excellent client service. Additionally, the individual talents within the firm are very complementary to one another, which enable us to provide specialized service to a broad array of clients." 

David M. Chase, Jr., CPA
Graduate of Old Dominion University 

"WEC combines a high level of technical expertise with a professional approach, while maintaining a flexible and informal working environment. The firm has a strong commitment to developing its professional staff. Through its accommodating workplace policies, WEC shows a high degree of respect for its employees." 

Gary Baum, MBA, CPA/ABV, CVA
Business Valuation & Litigation Support Leader
Graduate of Cornell University 


Why I Chose WEC

"I joined WEC during the 2009 tax season as an intern and I've been here ever since. From full time position as a staff accountant to my promotion to senior, then supervisor, WEC has offered me numerous experiences and opportunities that I feel I would not have received from a "Big 4" firm. WEC values my opinion and recognizes the effort I put into the firm and my career. With an extraordinary mentor program and an open door policy, the firm provides me with the tools I need to succeed. The ablility to work directly with Shareholders and Managers on various projects, while still maintaining a work/life balance, makes being an employee of WEC a great privilege."

John Waters, CPA
A & A Supervisor
Graduate of Old Dominion University

"I chose WEC because the firm is large enough to provide me with the professional opportunities I desire, while providing the benefits of a locally owned firm including work/life balance and personable relationships with other employees and clients."

Ryan Young, CPA
Tax Supervisor
Graduate of Virginia Tech

"I take great pride in being the Receptionist for Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer.  You feel like a member of the WEC family from day one.  I love talking and interacting with the clients of the firm.  I have been in the workforce for approximately 40years and this is by far the best place I have ever worked.  I am very fortunate to be a member of the WEC family and it is a pleasure to work with other members of the firm, especially the administrative team.  I feel very blessed to be a member of the firm."

Lesley Willcox

Living in Hampton Roads

"I have been in Hampton Roads since age two and it is a great place to live. I love living near the water and experiencing four seasons. The population is not too small and not too big, which creates many advantages. One of the advantages is that there are mainly closely-held family businesses, which are challenging but enjoyable to service. It is great to travel, but I always look forward to coming home." 

Jeff Chernitzer, CPA/PFS
President of WealthQuest
Graduate of Old Dominion University 

"I have been very happy with my decision to move to Hampton Roads. Hampton Roads offers the benefits of living in a big city, without the big city environment. Coming from a small town in upstate New York, I no longer have to deal with the bitter cold, but still get a nice change of seasons. Summer is my favorite; there are festivals in one city or another virtually every weekend. The beach and the bay are very popular hot spots day or night. And, many of the great places to eat offer outdoor seating where you can enjoy the breeze off of the water." 

Julie Sokolowski, CPA
Graduate of Elmira College